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Default The Nile of the Cosmos (Neheh wu Djet)

Greetings Nuwaupians, the golden ones of oorthaa (planet Earth)…

ENTER THE COSMIC NILE...Paa Nazdar-u awaits

TIME is defined as a measureable interval during which an action, process, or condition exist and/or continues. Nevertheless, there was a moment of time known to the ancient Egiptians (Ptah Mayay-Reu) as the "first time (Zep Tepi)." Actual Fact # 20, The Lost Records of Time (p. 1), informs us that knowledge about the action of time on planet Earth is to be studied from the skies. So, the Doctrine of Correspondence applies e.g. That which is above is the same as that which is below, and both are in Pa Temt-ta 'The All' (The Sacred Wisdom, p. 63). The Nile River, for instance, correlates with the cosmic Milky Way. The feline on Earth, the Sphinx (Paa Rawat), correlates with the cosmic feline i.e. Leo. The three pyramids of Giza correlates with the belt of Orion. Additionally, the landscape of lower Egipt more or less correlates certain star systems along the cosmic Milky Way.

Sirius = Abu Ruwash
Orion = Gizah
Al Debaran = Zaweyet Al-Aryan
Pleiades = Abusir

Time, as we have come to realize it, contains dimensional constants e.g. B.C.E., B.C., A.D., C.E., etc. These are the boundaries of time. Escape the boundaries of time...NUWAUPU (9 x 13). In Physics, for example, we are taught that gravity is an attraction between aggregates. This attraction or affinity brings about acceleration as a result of gravity. As you know, this acceleration is measureable in the metric system. The acceleration due to gravity is approximately 9.8 meters per second per second. Mathematically speaking, "acceleration" is the integration of "velocity," which is the integration of "position." In other words, to derive at "velocity" one must either differentiate "acceleration" or integrate "position." Therefore, one can get a sense of time (past, present, and future) embedded in the logic of Physics (position, velocity, and acceleration). In a quantum sense these would translate as: (a) Group waves, (b) Vacuum waves, and (c) Phase waves. There were two aspects of time known to the ancient Egiptians: (a) NEHEH(cyclic) and (b) DJET(linear). Unbeknown to many, the acceleration due to gravity is tetrahedral. The constant 9.8, which is associated with the acceleration of gravity, is precisely one half the constant 19.6, which is more or less tetrahedral. In the Scroll entitled Man From Planet Rizq, Dr. Malachi K. York brings to mind, a series of crashes upon Earth, then called Tiamat, by the four winds accompanying Nibiru (Nebu Ra). Seven ships were launched of which four initially circled Tiamat (Earth) thereby creating a web like fabric, a tetrahedron under the science of magnetism (p. 82).

Subsequently, the remaining three crafts from Nibiru encircled what was left of the aftermath; creating a tetrahedron of energy at 19.5 degrees (p.84). From this teaching, one may ascertain the geo-metric nature of gravity and even electro-magnetism. In fact, the seventy-eight integer solution for the Nubian Number is essentially tetrahedral. Refer to The Nature of Time (9 x 13). We discover that the Nubian Number begins with the triad 196 i.e. 19.6 degrees (the evident). Moreover, the center also exemplifies a geometry that is tetrahedral (the hidden). For instance, the two center seeking values are 283 and 103. The sum renders the gematria for YASHUA, which has a meaning alluding to the scientific concept of conservation i.e. a careful preservation and protection of something during transformations and transfigurations, for instance, the threaded grain known as MITOCHONDRION DNA. In addition, the mean or average of the value 386 is 193. All the values derived from the center of the Nubian Number e.g. 283, 103, 193, and 386 generate arithmetically a tetrad existence (the quadity). Nevertheless, they are the same as female, daughter, mother, and grandmother (All in All), the heart and salvation of the Earth and the Heavens.

283 + 103 = 386
386/2 = 193
103 = 4
193 = 4
283 = 4
386 = 8 = 4 + 4

17. So our Nuwaupians test life that Paa Paut "The All" appears to you in manifestation demonstrating existence four persons as one to you is the phenomenal manifestations as well as the fantastic transfigurations. 18 Furthermore, you accept this as fact because it is you. 19. And acknowledge your existence as part of the All or just All in All (Actual Fact # 8, The Quadity, p. 6).
Aaauuummm....Conduit closing….
Inspired by: Nebu Atun-Re (NAR, Matatrun)
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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