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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Default God Body - Nine Information

The God Body - Nine Information - Enacted Mastery Experience

What is the God-Body?

My Thoughts:

The God-Body or enacted mastery experience is called Neter-Khet in the metu neteru (nuwb saphah, Nuwaupic). The first King of the third dynasty was Djoser and one of his attributes is Heru Neter Khet (i.e., Horus Body of God or Horus, God in Flesh). It is interesting to note that this divine nomen incorporated the Neter-Khet, which is the God-Body. Reference to the God-Body can be found in the Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America (Circle 7), which was divinely prepared by Noble Drew Ali. The 19th chapter, verses 27 thru 37, of the Circle 7 informs us that a son of man has risen (wbn) from the dead and has demonstrated that the human flesh can transform into "flesh divine." This concept alludes to the metu neteru words for body or flesh (khet) and divine (neter); hence, the God Body, Neterkhet, image of Allah. Moreover, the same chapter of the Circle 7 informs us about the cosmic means through which this transformation can be demonstrated. This cosmic means, as demonstrated by the son of man, is with the speed of light. This demonstration for inverting the containment process i.e. from Rizqyian to Etherian can be found in the symbolism of the energy-mass-light equivalence formula written and known in scientific paradigms as E = MC^2. Symbolically, the right side of the equation translates arithmetically as 13 x 9 (M = 13 and C^2 = 3 x 3 = 9). This product carries the mathematical significance 117, which is the value for the seven-lettered word NUWAUPU (Science of Sound Right Reason). So, NUWAUPU is equivalent to ENERGY, which is proportional to the product of Mass and the Speed of Light squared. As you can see, in the formula, the speed of light is being used as the catalyst to bring about, the necessary, change(s) on the physical plane (naasuwt). Information/outformation communicates with Energy (ethers), which then communicates with Mass or Matter to bring about the necessary changes in the physical. In other words, it is information/outformation that communicates with the energy fields (electric and magnetic) that bring about the necessary changes on the physical and not just the communication of energy with mass or matter. The application of information/outformation is often left out of the liberation process; information/outformation is prerequiste for the energy fields (ethers) to activate just as Nuwaupu is liberation information/outformation, nine liberation (NUWAUPU = 117 = 1+1+7 = 9), Nine Reason, and correct information/outformation acting upon the mental to achieve mental freedom and naturally physical freedom.

Neter Aa (God is Great!)

Pa Neter Ra (Neterkhet Asra-El)
Great Peace Society of American Muurs (Muurs of the Great Peace)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
13 x 9 (MC^2)

Umi Wayna Abbi
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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