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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Default Power of Facts (Rise and Fall of Nations)

Peace and good be to you all,

A nation ceases (from lack) of facts. (And because a nation) rejects the facts (we, the Gods, shall) dissolve the priesthood (line of seers). Ignorance of Gods’ Law is ignorance (my) children.

Hosea 4 v 6
Calibrated by Pa Neter Ra

Ignorance of Gods' Law is Ignorance

Nations cease to exist because of the lack of and by ignoring facts. What is a fact? A fact is a thing done, an action performed, an event, a circumstance, an incident coming into view, the state of things in space, matter, and time, et cetera. To the contrary is notwithstanding i.e. ignorance which is ignoring facts. The consequence is a society or community of inactivity, stagnation, fiction, color, et cetera. Ignorance of Gods’ law is ignorance. Scripture informs us that it is written in Law that we are Gods and that we are children of the most high God, Elyon ‘El. What is ignorance? Ignorance is the absence of knowledge, which is acquaintance with facts or truths. Thus, the uninformed or the unaware must be systematically introduced to a body of facts such as found in the effective spiritual science (Nuwaupu, Nuwaubu, Wu Nuwaubu) for melaninites the world over. Remember ignorance of law excuses no one. What is law? Law is method or rule to which actions complement or harmonize so that they follow each other. Hence, the significance of the Aramaic-Hebrew root word for law, TORAH, which is YARAH i.e. to flow like water. And the law of water informs us that water always seeks out water despite its three known phases on Earth (solid, liquid, and vapor) and its three extended phases (group waves, phase waves, and vacuum waves) beyond ordinary human comprehension. In the atmospheres (water spheres) of planet Earth, sunlight contains water molecules of covalently attached hydrogen and oxygen atoms at 103° (i.e., Nuwaubu = 103) or 6180’ of arc that brings into view the mathematics of the golden-rectangle-square, which geometrically grounds the whirling power of Spirit, Chi, Prana, Naphash, Breath, Kundalini, et cetera rendering matter conscious of the law of the Kosmos. Ignorance of law excuses no one.

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun Rayay)
Son of the Blue-Green Light
Opener of 9 to the 9th Power of 9 (The Nubian Number)
Revealer of The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI) in the West
9 x 13 (NUWAUPU)

Tread Water

Plug tunin
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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