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Default Power of Love

Greetings grandchildren (golden ones) on oorthaa, planet Earth…

Conduit opening (PTAH)…

This correspondence is partially based upon my subjective thoughts and inner feelings, on LOVE. Moreover, I will attempt to reveal the relationship among the words Liberate, Divine, Love, and Nuwaupu in an objective manner. Dr. Martin Luther King once said that LOVE is "creative" and "redemptive" (i.e., liberating). Moreover, the New Testament of the Bible reveals the saying: "God is Love" (1 John chapter 4). Thus, the First Epistle of John is implying that Love and God are directly proportional. With that at heart, the previous saying is just another way of saying "Divine Love" ('ishq or 'ashug). Mathematically speaking, the words "divine" and "love" equate to the values 63 and 54 respectively. Not only do they simplify to the number nine, but also the sum of the values for "divine" and "love" equals 117. Coincidentally, this is the same value for the word NUWAUPU.

  • DIVINE = 63 = 6+3 = 9.
  • LOVE = 54 = 5+4 = 9.
  • NUWAUPU = 117 = 1+1+7 = 9.

As a math formula, the terms Divine, Love, and Nuwaupu renders Nine to the Ninth Power of Nine, the Nubian Number. As Dr. Martin Luther King had preached about the redemptive or liberating power of LOVE, Paa Munzul Nazdur teaches that NUWAUPU is Sound Right Reasoning; and that it also stands for Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing, the means to transform in-formation into out-formation (WU-Nuwaupu, Actual Fact # 6, pp. 1-2). Liberation information is NUWAUPU. In fact, the word LIBERATE has the value 72, which simplifies to the number nine.

  • LIBERATE = 72 = 7+2 = 9.

Before I continue on with the topic at hand, I would like to mention a couple of interesting facts concerning the nine times table: (a) a chiasma or decussation materializes between the products 9 x 5 = 45 and 9 x 6 = 54 and (b) all values above and below the chiasma sum to the number nine. In retrospect, the ancient Tama-Reans applied the concept of reflection and self-similarity in SMAT via the principles of Paa Rutwy (the twin felines of past and future) and Haru em Akhtwy (Horus at the Horizon). Keep in mind that integers zero and nine are interchangeable through the arithmetical process known as casting in and out the nines (0 = 9 or 9 = 0). This is similiar to the transposition of the letters L, R, and N in the metu neter. For instance, the word Hrw(heru) renders Hlw(helu) and Hnw(henu) in that respect.

As you have gathered, the words Divine, Love, Liberate, and Nuwaupu have something in common and that is the number nine. When one collectively examines the sum for Divine Love and Nuwaupu, he or she will realize that one of the products is 13 x 9. In the past, I had proposed a symbolic connection with the energy-mass-light equivalence formula (E = MC^2) with NUWAUPU. As with the formula MC^2, which shows us how energy (E) can be liberated from matter with the speed of light as the catalyst (an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action), NUWAUPU is the catalyst for speeding up brain matter (e.g., astrocytes, star cells) in Africans and thus giving them the power to defy the gravity of ignorance and belief. In ancient Ta-Mery, Ta-Neter, this redemptive power was called WBN (waban) or WBNW (wu-bu-nu) i.e. to rise in radiance. In addition to the acceleration of brain matter (i.e., astrocytes), the brain can be effectively and efficiently expanded rendering greater computing and calculating power.

  • NUWAUPU = MC^2 = 13 x 9 = 117.

The time has come to reveal the creative and redemptive power of NINE. Love is creative and redemptive goodwill.

Conduit closing (AMUN)...

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Atun-Re)
13 x 9
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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