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Default Nation Building (9 x 13)

Greetings grandchildren of Erithoo (planet earth),

"Mother of Nations"

"The New Mind"

The word nation comes from the Latin word “natio.” It means “birth” or “race.” Moreover, the Latin word “natio” can be traced to the Latin word “nasci,” which is akin to the Latin word “giginere (to beget).” One of the meanings of the word “nation” is TRIBE or FEDERATION of TRIBES (perpetual union). With that in mind, the IROQUOIS or HAUDENOSAUNEE i.e., “People of the Longhouse,” is an example of a FEDERATION of TRIBES. The coalescence of the Haudenosaunee was originally founded upon five tribes, which is now currently banded together as six. The historical narrative of the formation or creation of the Haudenosaunee is an interesting one. They, the Haudenosaunee, were once separate tribes warring against one another. Conflict and rivalry was the way of life for the original five tribes. But conflict or warfare as a way of life would ultimately be a thing of the past.

The notion that would help transform a norm of war and conflict amongst the five warring tribes was the Law of Great Peace. Kayanernh-Kowa, as it is called in their language, helped to renew the way of life for the “People of the Longhouse.” The Law of Great Peace helped to replace years upon years of senseless and perpetual conflict with the application of right thinking and the power of sound right reason. It became the means to settle disputes and quarrels amongst tribes. This new way of thinking had to be accepted by each of the five tribes. The first person to accept the Law of Great Peace, according to their traditions, was a woman whom embodied the epiphany as the NEW MIND. Thus, she became the custodian of the power of peace for all future nations.

The Peace Maker, whom brought the good message of the Great Peace to the Haudenosanee, came from the NORTH. His message of peace was eventually accepted by each of the five original tribes. The interesting notion about the Law of Great Peace is its three great principles: (a) sound, (b) right, and (c) reason. Moreover, there are currently 117 Wampums (laws/articles) that make up the Law of Great Peace. There are two things that I must address before I continue. The first thing is that the three great principles of the Great Peace reflect the idea of NUWAUPU (wbn). The second thing is the mathematical affinity between the word NUWAUPU and the 117 laws that currently make up the Great Peace.

NUWAUPU = 117 = 9 x 13

The application of nation building was further extended into the creation of the United States of America. Article seven of the United States Constitution formulated the arithmetical reasoning behind the ratification of the Constitution between the States that ultimately dissolved the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States (Leviathans). According to Article seven, nine of the thirteen States were sufficient to establish the Constitution among the several States. One of the purposes of a Constitution is to distribute sovereign power. Tribes, such as States in this case, are brought together through means of confluence, which reflects the name for the Peace Maker, Dekanawidah, “two rivers that flow together.” The contributions of the Haudenosaunee in the development of the United States Constitution were acknowledged during the 100th Congress.

Inscribed by: Pa Neter Ra
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13

Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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