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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Default Mind over matter! use your power (PART 2)

(PART 2) There are two methods of protection that you can use. The first is material, and involves the wearing of amulets, protection. If you lose your amulet, you will find yourself in big trouble. Material protection is the lesser form, because it is limited. The second form of protection is spiritual, and turns our attention toward the unlimited divine power. As I have already hinted, it involves the power of the WORD. There is no greater power than the power of the WORD of these chants in its original form of creation. Without the spoken WORD no creation, alchemy, or true change is possible. It is through the power of the WORD that God communicates with mankind by speaking though you, if “god” allows a person to speak against him then he allowed it, without doubting Thomas how can one confirm the truth. It is by your words that you will either be justified or condemned.
Part: (2) Vibrating on certain plans enables you to maintain conscious awareness of your God omnipotence, and omnipresence in you. As such it allows you to dwell in the protection of the fullness of the light of the sun, making you an extension of God's own consciousness. As the sun of god therefore in the making of becoming God, the opening of the third eye allows one to see in other spiritual plans. By you using a mantel defense you could eliminate all negativity polarities to be able to communicate with the supreme forces.

The creative power of the universe, the manifestation of God the Ultimate, the Infinite, dwells in you through the grace and blessing of you creating your own heaven on earth. Prayer melts negativity, enemies, and negative vibrations. When you chant daily, you effectively prevent negativity from entering your life. Negativity behaves like a germ. Germs are all around us; sometime you can’t stop the spread of germs unless you know the source. Our antibodies provide protection. Similarly, the practice of prayer and meditation becomes a source of protection.

In this day and age, the universe is working swiftly to remove the self-imposed illusions. Keeping the mind body and soul pure of the negativity that shade and distort the ways in which we view our body and mind and reality. All adversity and misfortune, including that which affects one's health and relationships, are the result of karma. During our current and previous lives, or stays on Earth, our thoughts, feelings, and actions invoke the reactive laws of nature that, in turn, directly impact both the individual and those in his or her surroundings. The present and future are forever engaged in a dance of causality
(The relation of cause and effect: The result is the same, however differently the causality is interpreted.)
Thus, the deeds of the past become the karma of the present. Negative and positive mental attitudes and irresponsible and responsible behavior can lead to necessary and unnecessary struggles and are the primary reasons we get stuck at the crossroads that life produces.
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Default Mind over matter

Greetings Nebet9,

Interesting lesson. Every occurrence through and through the Great Existence happens by a particular Law. For instance, let us look at the concepts of Force and Energy. Force is proportional to an accelerating mass (F = ma). In addition, Energy is proportional to an accelerating mass (E = mc^2). Take note that both formuli engage in catalyzing MASS i.e. the acceleration of compositional (geometrical) change or transformation. In Physics, Force is an influence that causes something to undergo change either by movement, direction, or geometrical makeup. Like Force, Energy affects other masses in life through the means of work or force. Energy exerts the ebb and flow (push and pull) of the basic forces of nature along a vector (path) of a certain length of space. However, there is a degree of inertia quantified by the masses of things that tend to resist change in velocity, movement, direction, momentum, and/or geometrical makeup. In respect to time, acceleration is change in velocity, which in turn is change in distance. For example, the orbit of the planet Earth, with respect to its nearest star, changes direction because it is being accelerated by the Sun's centripetal force (pull). However, there is a degree of inertia from the planet Earth as it rotates about its central Sun's centrifugal force (push). We experience the Earth's central Sun's centrifugal force at the surface as an effect of perpendicular tangential velocity relative to your nearest star's centripetal force. The push and pull or centrifugal and centripetal forces are laws of Cause and Effect; from which we learn that every cause has its effect, and every effect has its cause. Working in harmony, centripetal and centrifugal forces cause space, matter, and time to bend into a circle and thus the effect is geometry. In the Medu Neteru, the determinative and ideogram Ra (N5) and its variations, exemplifies the workings of nature’s most basic and intimate forces e.g. centripetal and centrifugal forces.

Pa Neter Ra
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