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Default The Cycling of the Elements

Greetings Grandchildren of Erithoo, OOR-THAA (planet earth),

Humans, you have a choice; either sickness or health. Living foods contain enzymes. Non-living foods carry little to no enzymes. Keep in mind that canned foods are sterile. The purpose of sterilizing canned foods is to increase their shelf life. The trade-off is the life of a canned or bottled good or the life of a human being. Which is more precious, I ask you?

The word FOOD can be traced to the Latin word panis, which means bread. There are trillions upon trillions of cells in the human body. Each and every one of those trillions of cells needs food at the cellular and molecular levels. Physiologically, fiber is an important aspect of the diet. The reason is that fiber is a cleansing agent for the colon. Not only is this physiological property of fiber important, but also a more important aspect of fiber is the juice that is trapped within it. For instance, cultivated vegetables contain juices that are locked within its fibers. In fact, the word vegetable comes from the Latin word vegere, which means to enliven or to animate (e.g., spirit). Fiber is not readily permeable through the intestinal walls of the human digestive tract. However, it is those juices that are trapped within the fibers of cultivated vegetables (e.g., carrots or cucumbers) that are readily permeable through the intestinal tract. Through osmosis i.e. movement of molecules through a differentially permeable membrane, these important juices or elixir can then get to the liver and into the blood stream to feed you at the cellular and molecular levels. I say elixir in a sense that the juices that are trapped within the fibers of vegetables and even animal flesh can indeed prolong life, perhaps even indefinitely if you know the secret.

Our current world is dependent upon plant life, especially green plant life, for its sustenance. The Book of Genesis refers to green plant life as food or meat to be consumed by Adam (i.e., humanity). The interesting thing about this special food to consume is that it is written in the Aramaic/Hebrew as Oklah, the feminine form of Ukal. Photosynthesis is an example of an endothermic reaction. It is a chemical reaction or physical change in which heat is absorbed and therefore enriching the organism with energy. Moreover, it is an aspect of the feminine force at work. As you know, Magnesium is the center element in chlorophyll. Magnesium in the porphyrin rings gives chlorophyll a light absorbing capacity several times as great as that of respiratory mixtures. Hemoglobin, for instance, is an Iron porphyrin, respiratory mixture, that facilitates the flow of oxygen in the blood stream.

Brain cells and the mitochondrial furnaces of the human body need energy rich glucose to function properly. Whether you know this or not, all food consumed is ultimately metabolized into sugar or energy rich glucose. One of the benefits of hemoglobin is that it carries oxygen. It has the capacity to oxidize the energy rich glucose flowing in the bloodstream. As a result, the bonds of the energy rich glucose undergo cellular respiration, which makes the energy of sugars flowing throughout the body useful. In the process, energy and heat is released (i.e., exothermic, masculine force) in vast quantities and very rapidly. The end state is an organism, such as the human body, with a relatively lower energy state than before; and the respired products are once again water and carbon dioxide. The cycling of the elements through living organisms is referred as the Carbon Cycle.

Inscribed by: Pa Neter Ra (Neterkhet Ra EL)
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Pa Neter Ra
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