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Default The Cornerstone of Supreme Math

Greetings Grandchildren of planet Earth (Erithoo),

As one travels from the far left and from far right of the series below i.e., the Nubian Number, he or she will arrive at the center seeking values 283 and 103. Their sum equals 386, which happens to be the Aramaic/Hebrew Gematria for the word YASHUA or YSHW’. The number 386 also alludes to the light of human consciousness, for the product of 3 x 8 x 6 = 144. As you may not know, light has its volume in darkness.

196 627 050 475 552 913 618 075 908 526 912 116 283 103 450 944 214 766 927 315 415 537 966 391 196 809

283 + 103



The book of Job chapter 38 verse 6, which alludes to the numeral 386 (i.e., YASHUA), questions the whereabouts of the foundation. Furthermore, the next sentence presents the question of “who” has positioned or “who” has set the cornerstone. As you know, the cornerstone is the foundation stone from which all other stones are situated or referenced. In reference to the series of the Nubian Number, the numeral 386 is the mathematical cornerstone for the Equation Nine to the Ninth Power of Nine, the Nubian Number, the cornerstone of supreme mathematics.


El Sabul Shil Wu-Nuwaubu
Recorded by Nebu Atun-Re (NAR)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
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