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Default Zulu

Greetings grandchildren of oorthaa, planet earth,

A Quest for the Ancestors Beyond Space: ZULU, A Name of Destiny

46. There are two kinds of ether-9-Ether and 6-Ether in human form. 9-Ether, Negroid, produced 6-Ether, Caucasians and 6-Ether produced ghost; death. Nine Ether is the combination of all existing gases. Six Ether is death and ghost is the last stage of it, which means ghost is the apex or highest point of Six-Ether. Ghost is conscious gases that have no sun “RE”. Nine Ether becomes Six Ether through time and age (death). Six Ether becomes ghost through time and age. Six Ether (Albinos) is Nine Ether (Nuwaupians) in death, and ghost is the death of 6 Ether. After the death of 6 Ether, 9 Ether resurrects again. Six Ether is the moon, and Nine Ether is the sun. Hence, 6 Ether is adverse to 9 Ether just as death is adverse to life. [Refer to Actual Fact # 13, Nuwaupians Ontologists of Time). Six Ether forces are the forces of the religions and gods of Six Ether beings, forces of mental, physical, emotional death and destruction of the Kefiu "Caananite", Taynum Kha "Human Beast", Janunu, "Caucasoids", Celtics (Actual Fact # 5, CELTICS, p. 23).
We learn that the two qualities of Ether can take on human form. To the contrary, Ghost has no human form. In addition, we learn that Ghost is a conscious gas null and void of the sun (i.e. Solar Energy). Ghost may exhibit a sense of consciousness or mind but it lacks morality. Recall that Nine Ether is the combination of all existing gases and that among these combinations is the sense of conscientiousness or morality. We also learn that Nine Ether is the sun or Paa Re, whose daughter is called MAAT in Paa Madataat Nazdiru. She i.e. Maat is the antithesis to ISFT (disorder). Maat is the epiphany of morality, truth, and justice in a time when six-ether dies and becomes ghost, which has no sun. Hence, there is no offspring to dispatch except the sun or Paa Re. Think of a feedback loop. For instance, Positive Feedback (Isfet, divergent) tends to magnify a situation or process and Negative Feedback (Maat, convergent) tends to dampen a situation or process towards balancement. The latter depicts the process of Kundalini i.e. raising the emotional intelligence of the body.

Notice that morality is a feminine authority from which the Divine King on Earth is to uphold and to efficaciously communicate her soverienty throughout his Kingdom, to his Princes, and to his subjects. The emblem of Maat is the "Ostrich Feather," which is revealing of ancient bird societies (i.e., female moral sovereignty) that are found throughout the continent of Africa. Heru, for instance, is the antithesis to Sutukh. It is recognized that the word HERU or HRW in isiZulu, the language of the ZULU, renders several transpositions, namely ZULU, which commonly means heaven or sky (Asar Imhotep, 2009).

To be a Heru (Zulu) is to be able to travel beyond one’s existence, beyond the heavens to find solutions to establish order [italics added] where one resides; just like Heru did against Set in the Asarian Myth. The human being has a ciliate mind which could transverse space and move from universe to universe and transform the human being into a conscious citizen of the cosmic order [italics added] (Asar Imhotep, 2009, p. 8).
The proto bird society of ancient T-Mrw (Tamery) can be traced back to NAR-MER, who unified Upper and Lower Egipt under the emblem of HRW (ZULU). Millennia later a Zulu King named TaShaka would unite the Zulus through his name of destiny. This uniting authority of a moral base comes from Maat. Heru carries out this authority as the avenger i.e. righter of wrongs. Both Nazdiru are cognizant of Paa Re (the sun). Aaauuummm Hotep!

Suggested readings
From Heru to Shaka Zulu: The Spirit Beyond the Heavens

Inscribed by: Nebu Atun Re (NAR), The Golden One of Atun Re
Izula weduzulu (a traveler of inter-planetary space)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13

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