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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Default Nee, Nasufee, wu Nuk

Greetings Nuwaupians, the golden ones of oorthaa (planet earth)…

2. Yet, here for Nuwaupians I will speak on it. It’s pronounced as Noo-Wah-Poo or Nuu-Wuu-Puu. It stands for the Right Knowledge, the Right Wisdom and the Right Overstanding. The key to transform information into outformation (Actual Fact # 6, WU-NUWAUPU, p. 1)
In-formation is described as the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence. Therefore, "out-formation" would be considered a communication or transmission of knowledge or intelligence. Keep in mind that the word "formation" is coupled with the di-mensions of "in (centripetal, flow)" and "out (centrifugal, ebb)." The word "formation" essentially means "to take shape" i.e. being, becoming, and cooperation. In The Sacred Wisdom, Amun Nebu Re Akh Tah informs Nuwaupians about the dual and triad aspects in the mind of everyone (p. 214). For instance, the inclination of the Student doctrine (Nee) is at all times in the orientation of receiving impressions (p. 215). The God doctrine (Nuk) of mental gender is at all times in the orientation of broadcasting impressions (p. 215). The Servant doctrine (Nasufee) is at all times in the orientation of serving (p. 215).

In retrospect, turning inner vision into outer realities moves one from being vague to vivid, both of which were encoded in our genes at an early age. The manifestation of vagueness and vividness facilitates the birth of WILL POWER (Man From Planet Rizq, P. 1). The God doctrine of mental gender is content with the workings of the WILL, which in and of itself is abstract. The work of active mental generation (nee), the stimulation of creativity (nuk), and the utilization of the mind (nasufee) are all employed via a person’s continual focus and attentiveness upon a subject (The Sacred Wisdom, p. 215). The term Paa Nazdar-u (ntrw) means "the watchers," which is cognizant of the God doctrine (nuk). In addition, the normal process is to synchronize the God doctrine (nuk) and Student doctrine (nee), and even the Servant doctrine (nasufee), but we learn that this is not always the case because the God doctrine is more often sluggish, if not idle. As a result, one becomes polarized and consumed in his or her student doctrine (nee) and/or servant doctrine (nasufee). Polarization neutralizes RHYTHM (Afuy), which is a motive principle.

Lastly, a person’s idea owes its existence to the underlying reality, Paa Paut (The All). In more ways than one, the correct word for describing an idea can be fleeting if one does not have a firm grasp of the idea itself. And thus, the process for matching words with ideas, and ideas with facts becomes ever perplexing. We ascertained from our journey in Islamic mystical studies that the highest attainment of certainty (yaqin) is haqq al-yaqin, the truth of certainty.The certainty of truth or factualness thereof places one directly in the presence (ladunni) of the underlying reality. One then have direct evidence of the FACT, so to speak. However, if one does not acquire the moment of fact, as a result of not partaking directly in the underlying reality, which harbors belief, then Right Knowledge is needed to TEST knowledge using experience, evidence, and reason. The purpose of Right knowledge is to have one arrive at the truth of things.

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