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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Default Degree of Nothingness

Greetings grandchildren of Erithoo (planet Earth),


Information about the cosmos prior to the advent of land and light was discovered in the Khemennu worldview. It indorses a quantitative (e.g., particle), as well as a qualitative (e.g., wave) stance about the pre-existing conditions that led to what we call the world and via extension, the universe, multiverse, omniverse. The four pairs of gods and goddesses exemplify unique traits that are antithetical. For instance, Amun-Amunet exemplifies the unknown; Nun-Nunet exemplifies the abyss; Kek-Keket exemplifies darkness; and Heh-Hehet exemplifies eternity. Creation, as we have come to experience it, has its volume in these four-paired pre-existing conditions (e.g., light has its volume in darkness). This idea runs parallel with the state of nothingness i.e., the infinite volume in which to place the 99 elements or attributes on this side of hydrogen. Refer to the Black Book, Scroll Three, The Science of the Circle and the Square (19 x 5 = 95). In fact the first three elements on this side of hydrogen are: (a) hydrogen, (b) helium, and (c) lithium. They are cognitive of three things found commonly in the volume of nothingness: (a) Water, (b) Sun, and (c) Earth.

HYDROS = Water
HELIOS = Solar

It is interesting to note that the first letters of each pre-existing condition inscribes the word ANKH. It is a symbol cognitive of LIFE, LIVING, and LIVED. According to the Nubian Number i.e., nine to the ninth power of nine the ANKH or Crux Ansata can be revealed. The twentieth position reveals the number 315. The fifteenth position reveals the number 450. The letters or phonetics associated with each position is T and O respectively. The letter O can be placed at the summit of the letter T to reveal the key to eternity or Hehu. Moreover, the arithmetic affirms the nature of the symbol via the number nine, eternity.

3+1+5 = 9
4+5+0 = 9
99 Elements & Attributes

196 627 050 475 552 913 618 075 908 526 912 116 283 103 450-O 944 214 766 927 315-T 415 537 966 391 196 809

Is God Light?
The hidden meaning of free masonry in Egipt

Inscribed by: Pa Neter Ra
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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