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Default Mind over matter! use your power (PART 3)

Some people experience difficult karma throughout their lives, while for others it is only periodic. The sacred sciences of universal can be used to rise above the limitations imposed by karma. When we are able to transcend and use our energy by uniting, we encounter the divine grace of the universes unlimited protection. Meditation is a potent tool available to all who choose to undertake this process. Through consistent practice, meditation effectively rebuilds our magnetic field, enhancing our light and aiding in the development of an increased capacity to withstand the pressures of the new age. In essence, chanting or listening to Aum lightens our karmic load, enabling us to manifest our potentials and become our highest selves, the selves we truly are the (God) mental. Again, the divine spiritual wisdom allows you to study GOD himself, within whose nature is concealed the supreme secret. It is through the power of the WORD and the knowledge of the mysteries of life, that we obtain the protection and blessing of the Most High.

Certain planets, along with a zodiac sign, precisely govern the day on which each of us was born. According to the highly respected wisdom of the masters, the day of one's birth signifies the level of challenge particular individuals will face. Any planetary disturbances occurring in the Earth's magnetic field during the birth period will generate an imbalance in the energy patterns of the corresponding zodiac sign. Those negative energy patterns are then imprinted on the eastern hemisphere of the brain. Sooner or later they will emerge as health problems, relationship challenges, or general misfortune.

We are not, however, powerless against the effects of karma. Just as Nature provides a remedy for each new disease that manifests itself, so do our sacred teachings provide a remedy for our complete protection. Not only is the divine spiritual wisdom founded upon that knowledge that is the sum and head of all sciences, and arts, it also bestows the keys that unlock the secrets and wonders concerning the hidden workings of our Nature. By our divinely revealed science, we gain the blessing and protection of our ancestors. The adversities that result from bad karma only impact an individual who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time I myself bare witness. Through the divine sacred wisdom, each individual has the ability to seal his aura, effectively neutralizing karma. As we strengthen our energy field and open our third eye we begin to work with, rather than against, the unseen forces that govern our lives. This work becomes our defense; our assurance that we will find ourselves in the right place at the right time.

The truth is, everything happens according to time and space. You cannot stop time, but you can gain or lose space. On the one hand there exists an unavoidable death period which is essentially an individual's true time to go. On the other hand there exist avoidable accidents, misfortune, and death which result from carelessness or being at the wrong place in time. In other words, an individual only gets into trouble when he finds himself in the wrong space. Let me emphasize, this is an age when you do not want to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Trouble is yours whenever you are not where you are supposed to be.

Your third eye allows you to see the unseen, while your energy field keeps negativity at a halt. Your third eye is your creativity center, your command center. You need to be in your command center in order to command a situation. You can achieve second sight as well as a strong magnetic field through the power of the WORD invoked while chanting. The magnitude of the magnetic frequency of the Earth must be neutral at a certain longitude and latitude in order to terminate a human life and dispense the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether.) It cannot be stated enough, by vibrating on certain plans, you remove yourself from harm's way. The timing of accidents like death may stay the same, but you will not be in the space in which they occur. You will avoid Earthly disturbances or accidents as they take place in particular spaces. Indeed, they will happen either before you arrive or after you've departed. The greatest influence on your life, after your own will power, is your environment. When you're in trouble, escape and protection can be found in the art of changing space.

Pray and meditation liberates you from the grip of karma and allows you to minimize past debts when you are only partially aware. As it shifts time and space, you rise to the heights of your being and are able to turn unpleasant situations around. While it is true that we all have debts to pay, we must not let these debts become very difficult obstacles. When faced with difficult life circumstances and/or adversity, perfection of ones higher senses will create the divine heat that burns karma and allows God to shine through.

Chanting gives you space, protecting your aura by 9 feet. If you are early or late by 9 feet, you may not become entangled with the moment in time of a particular event. Again, you cannot stop time, but you can gain or lose space.
Different chats are now available to all in the form of sacred music. Over the years, we have used the sacred sciences of the master teacher to guide people from all walks of life. We are now bringing these teachings out into the open. Everyone, without exception, can reap the many benefits of these sacred sciences. Chanting or listening to sacred music is a way to meditate on the divine truths that exist on a higher plane of reality. You can use breathing as well as chanting and meditation to do these things. When we engage with sacred sounds, the depths of our being awaken fully to life. Sacred music is food for the soul; in this unity of all life is revealed. It takes time, knowledge, dedication, and skill to make music that has a positive effect on the soul, for the making of spiritual music is science. A.E.O has formulated and compiled the most effective words of power in its Healing. When used properly, these CDs make it possible for you to connect with the healing energy of the Sun. In so doing, you will open yourself to receive its higher power. This music has been created during the most positive and healing phase of the sun to magnify its beneficial impact on the listener.

Working with the WORD is your way of protecting yourself against all known and unknown entities. Meditation can be used as a defensive shield, both physically and spiritually. In addition, we suggest that you chant it each morning for 11 to 31 minutes in order to block negativity from entering your aura on all four sides. It is quite simple, really. This will expands your mind so that you may rise above the limitations of time and space while, at the same time, renders the mind like steel so that you begin to stand, unshaken and brave, before the challenges of your life.

The glow and strength of the aura allows us to determine the cause of both one's happiness and unhappiness. Like God, man must continuously act by working on his aura on a daily basis. The energy of a person who works with the WORD becomes the image, or reflection, of the will of God. As it gains in strength, so does it command events, for the WORD gives birth to light. Always remember, as we go through life, we attract the influence of both good and evil spirits. This is why it is so necessary for you to have a strong and protective aura before venturing out into the world. It is your birthright to experience the blessings associated with the words of power contained in our sacred teachings. We must chant in order to liberate our imprisoned minds. This is an age where it is not the head, but the heart that will rule. Therefore, let the Sun rise in your heart and illuminate the world. In conclusion we as nuwaubians/blacks must take precautions in protecting our selfs. Get in to the black magic that we were once in to. Not the spook magic like voodoo or anything like that I mean nature working the elements, frequencies and higher senses. Vibrations, telepathy, clearvoyance, interwishen, psychometry, earth, water, wind, fire and ether.
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Default Mind over matter (MC^2)

Greetings Nebet9,

Karma can be either good or bad for the person. Karma is one of many means to reach Brahma, and ultimately knowledge of self (atma). The Sanskrit word Atma is cognate of the contemporary usage of the word Atom. The Atom (Atma) is an advanced mental state. There is no knowledge greater than knowledge of self. The law of the Atom is sound right reason (Nuwaupu). The purpose of sound right reason is Justice. The law of the Atom determines the success or failure of a person i.e. the Adam (Atom, Atma). Quantumly speaking, the Atom is the record of Akasha.

Pa Neter Ra (The Golden One of Aton Ra)
13 x 9 (MC^2)

Sacred Vibration
Pa Neter Ra
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