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Thoughts Of A Nuwaupian/God & Goddess Express Yourself On Any Subject. Ideas, Suggestions, Solutions, Comments.

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Wink Mind over matter! use your power

PART: (1) benevolent forces, evil spiritual angels do exist! Their goal, their duty, is to tempt man into sin. If man is not protected in ordinary life by his own goodness in thought and action, such beings are able to attack and injure, causing disease and death. Indeed, it is sin and intoxication that leaves man open to such assaults. Meditation and prayer causes your energy to banish these evil personalities. Meditation bestows calmness, and calmness is the living breath of God's immortality in you. overstand that life is fraught with numerous trials. The tests life presents have their purpose; namely, to move us toward eternal wisdom and the development of a strong aura so that we are able to move gracefully from this world to the next . Through proper use of our language: Word’s or word, we can do so, while strengthening the aura and taking care of the body. To this end, meditation and prayer have proven to be exceptional tools. Chanting is a very powerful combination of words which, when recited, deliver the vibratory effect of each of your molecules into the infinity of the cosmos. An incredible amount of energy is hidden in your brain. Every time you vibrate the chant of our sacred teachings, beneficial changes take place in the brain's patterns. By vibrating though meditation, these patterns can be directed to create a protective frequency around you. The words of certian chants are linked to an explosive vibration of light bombs, which, when set off, melt away all opposing force, and create the changes necessary for our psychic and mental protection.
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Default Your Thoughts are Real

The thoughts you shared are needed Nebet9 Hetep
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Default Mind over matter

Greetings Nebet9,

Well said. Benevolent and malevolent spirits are cognate of ions. Atoms and molecules become electrically charged (i.e., to wander) when they lose or gain one or more electrons. Ions can either be Anionic (negative ions) or Cationic (positive ions). The word anion comes from the Greek word Anios, which means “going up.” Hence, anions wander or flow in an upward direction (upward momentum). On the other hand, the word cation comes from the Greek word Kation, which means “going down.” Hence, cations wander or flow in a downward direction (downward momentum). Therefore, it is reasonable to say that electrical current flows in both directions simultaneously i.e. up and down Jacob's ladder (Sulam Y'akub). The six pointed star illustrates this basic truth. The below biblical calibration describes the Geometry and electrical Energy produced by ziggurats, namely the nine-stepped pyramid in Tikal. We learn that the nine gods (bolon tiku) and the thirteen gods (oxlahun tiku) ascend and descend upon ziggurats during the initiation of new ages. Once again, we are left with the universal mathematics of the numbers 9 and 13. As many of us cross the beauty bridge (Jacob's Ladder), and cross back as we must, we bring back some of the dynamic (e.g., Love, Justice, Freedom, etc.) into the static-ness of everyday life on planet Earth.

Y’akub” the dreamer saw a staircase erected on Earth. The summit touched the waters above. The teachers of the Elohim ascend and descend "upon the staircase”

-(Genesis 28:12)-

-Calibrated by Pa Neter Ra-

Pa Neter Ra (Khonsu Hotep - Traveller of Peace)
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Pa Neter Ra
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