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Default Forgotten Heirs on Planet Earth


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Status is the relationship that human beings have with the land, air, and sea. And therefore, the Eloheem said “let us make Adamites in our image and after our likeness and let them reign over the things of the sea, the land, and the air and let them bring into subjection the planet Earth and replenish it” (Genesis 1 v 28). Zakar means “to watch” and Nekaybah means “to strike.” These are attributes for combatants and warriors. And because the off-springs of the Adamites were commissioned to have dominion or reign over the Land (Enlil-ship), Sea (Ea-ship), and Air (Anu-ship) they are by Divine decree “Sovereign People.” The oldest Sovereign People on the Planet Earth are the descendants of the Adamites (Zakar and Nekaybaw). Relative to the land, Status signifies the condition and circumstance that an individual has with his or her property. Question 93 of the "Koran Questions for Moorish Children" asks:

"Will you define the word White?"

Answer: "White means Purity, Purity means God, and God means Ruler of the Land."

The 93rd Attribute of Allah is al-Nuwr, the light. It is the “True Light” that not only enlivens man who materializes on the plane of things (naasuwt) but also it is the True Light that makes one see e.g. your nearest Star, which is 93 million miles near. When one's personality/character has been diminished or abridged, his/her Status has been affected by either loss of Family Relations/Rights, loss of Nationality, and/or loss of Liberty. Personality is the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual. The abridgement of personality, in the context of jurisprudence, renders one without legal attributes and qualifications. This is the condition of the so called Negro, Black People, Colored Folks, African American, etc., who has lost their vast Estate. Without legal attributes and qualifications, one may be considered dead in the view of law. "Estate" is an idea that resonates with Circle 7 Koran, which was divinely prepared by Noble Drew Ali. In the context of jurisprudence, Estate and Status are synonymous. The systematic curtailment of the people’s Status over the years lead to the lost of their vast Estate. In the Western hemisphere, this phenomenon rendered them (us) foreigners on our own lands by (a) detaching them from family relations/rights, (b) forgotten nationality/political status, and (c) bondage. However, the ancient ones knew the importance of perpetual succession and longevity, which today is exercised through the body politic called a "Corporation."

For example, in central America, west of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa), ruled a powerful polity (political organization) known anciently as Kaan (Caan/Chaan), the Empire of the "Serpent." The uraeus on the brow of the ancient Pharoahs of Tamare symbolized their genetic lineage (silsilah) to the royalty of the Serpent Empire. Moreover, the dynasty of the Kaans was once a powerful noble/royal family that exercised Lordship (de jure) in the western hemisphere from the kingdom of Baakal (Palenque). Its acknowledged founder was known as Kuk Balaam (Bird Jaguar), who acceded to the throne circa AD 431. His descendant, Kaan Balaam (Serpent Jaguar), son of Kinich Hanaab Pakal (Shield of the Great Sun), built the Temple of the Cross, the flowering world-tree. Dedicated on (AD 692, MC 112), the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the sanctuary tablet in the temple of the Cross proclaims Kaan Balaam's divine right to rule through the lineage of his deceased father and even traces further back in space, matter, and time (SMAT) to deities of the previous creation cycle; one of whom is U-Kix-Kaan (he of the stingray spine serpent), an ancient Olmec/Tutul Xi divine king circa BC 993. In Olmec/Maya phonetics, the sound /SH/ is written as an /X/. Thus, the term KIX renders Kish, which is an affinity to the term Kush or Cush (a son of Cham), whose dominions spanned East of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa). What Kaan Balaam demonstrated in the last cycle was his ascendant nature to his Olmecan forefathers (Kush and Kaan, Caanan).

The abridgement of family relations/rights, nationality/political status, and liberty/freedom renders one a slave (i.e. other than a Sovereign People). A Slave is the highest and most comprehensive loss of Status. It is the first issue at law that determines not only an individual's Nationality (social standing and political status) but also Status determines an individual's standing relative to his/her Estate (real or personal). In Economics, which is a social science, Land, a natural resource, is one of the five factors of production. Land encompasses all nonhuman gifts of nature (ntrw), including timber, water, fish, minerals, and the original fertility of the land. The four other factors of production are (a) productive contributions (labor), (b) human capital, (c) physical capital, and (d) Entrepreneurship (Enlil-ship). The latter is an element of productive contributions that organizes, manages, and assembles the other factors of production (labor, human capital, land, and physical capital) to create and operate Enterprises. As with the five factors of production, there are five elements: (a) Ta = land, (b) Mu = water, (c) Nefu = air, (d) Set = fire, and (e) Hu = command. The principle HU is liken to Entrepreneurship i.e. commanding the resources/elements to create or engineer human experiences.

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