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Default The World of Certainty


Wu-Nuwaupu is the effective spiritual science for Nuwaubians. Wu-Nuwaupu or Nuwaupu or Nuwaubu as these terms have been known in the past deals with the world of certainty. To the highest measure of precision, certainty is continuity and validity to all basic questions. There was an instant in space, matter, and time when one stood before the great creator to map one’s own destiny and to plan one’s contributions and promises to this world. However, as we are born into the world all of our plans and promises are forgotten. And so, our task is to remember and to claim our destiny that we have mapped for ourselves prior to being born on planet earth. The Holy Tablets chapter one “The Creation” informs us that humans have gradually forgotten their purpose in life and have strayed from the original ways of the universe and the spiritual path that led them to their true destiny, which is universal right knowledge, right wisdom, right overstanding, and on to Nuwaupu, sound right reasoning. Again, moving from the unreal to the real, Nuwaupu takes the human being back to the world of certainty.

Quest-ion: How would one know what is fire if he or she has not been consume by it?


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