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Peace to the Nations....

The Ascension Journey of Spirit from the Waters to the Heavens (Shamayim)

Nuwaupu has risen the greatest minds that the world has ever known (then and now). The new age of Aquarius is the age of Bennu, the rising phoenix, the unification of lower and upper Tamare. From the ashes of the previous age, a new life or new sun has come into view. With it there are new solar codes, medicines, and instructions from the Great Spirit (Kache Manito) on how to navigate through this new age. The medium of the house of Aquarius is air (Nefu). So, as helmsmen we are to direct our course through this medium in our airships (shams). In the previous sun of Pisces, the medium was water and so we had ruled the seas. Now is the time to navigate the skies and be helmsmen of the airspace (Enlil-ship, Heru-ship). As rays of the sun exits the liquid medium of water (Pisces) and enters the gaseous medium of water (Aquarius) sun rays articulate upward and begin to accelerate back to the source with information about the previous age. Hence, the new galactic codes for the house of Aquarius are calibrations (Ka-liberation) to rectify gradations of this planet’s ecosystem. The transmission of galactic thought is modulated on a carrier frequency that you refer to as light. Melaninites, for example, our melanin bodies strip or unzip the carrier frequency (light) and retrieves essential instructions for carrying out daily life processes at the atomic and cellular levels. For instance, vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) with adequate exposure to the rays of the sun facilitates intestinal absorption (solar plexus) of calcium and phosphate. Calcium is not only needed to mineralize bone but also calcium is known scientifically to provide an added tier of intelligence via glial cells called astrocytes (star cells) that enable communication with neurons by waves of calcium ions (Ca2+) at the atomic level.

We Be to Facts, What Key Be to Lock

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