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Default Love as a creative and redemptive force

Greetings and good fortune,

Divine Love (9 x 13), circulation, love, enthusiasm, and devotion are qualities of emotional intelligence. The seat of emotional intelligence is the heart chakra (anahata). Its wavelength and frequency reveals to the brain the green spectrum of light. The trigonometry (triangle measure) associated with the heart chakra is the intersection of two triangles pointing in opposite directions. The result is the star hexagon, which is the union of male and female principles (upper and lower Egipt) throughout the universe. In the Hermopolitan cosmogony, we learn about the union of these principles as interactions:
  • Amun-Amunet.
  • Nun-Nunet.
  • Kek-Keket.
  • Heh-Hehet.

The above equate to the four fundamental interactions in quantum mechanics i.e. the strong interaction, the weak interaction, the electric-magnetic interaction, and the gravity-levity interaction. Love or in a greater sense Divine Love is the all comprehensive interaction that unifies the four scientific concepts of forces that interact or cooperate with each other throughout the Great Existence (universe). If you take each letter from the eight interactive principle of the ogdoad the idea is A-N-K-H, which is the concept of life and is present in the center of the star hexagon rendering it a centered hexagon (home of the red and white crowns) that maximizes space, matter, and time. The sum of the six internal obtuse angles is 720°. It is the information of 360° physical knowledge (matter) and 360° spiritual knowledge (etheric, breath, chi, prana, Ka). In cooperation, they create living souls, Men and Women born not of the will of the flesh, but of the will of divine interaction. If we are to have harmony (ma'a't) on planet Earth, then upper Egipt and lower Egipt must be unified. Then a new era of Kingship can begin and the true King can rule the unified lands in accordance with Ma'at.

Pa Neter Ra (Heru Suten Ra)
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Pa Neter Ra
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