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Default Science of Nation Building (Science of Law and Character)

Greetings Beloved ones (Meru, Muurs, Moors, Paa Meru, Ta-Mareans, Le-Mareans, et cetera),

Self-determination is the liberty of “We, the People” of a given territory to determine and to proclaim their Nationality. It is that quality which comes from the fact that natural human beings are connected to a nation e.g. an organized jural society having natural or positive rights and recognized by positive law. In the jural sphere (National side), science of law is recognized in the dynamic framework of organized political communities. On the other hand, in the moral sphere (Divine side), the science of conduct, ethics (ethos), and morals, et cetera, are applied through and through the jural sphere to shape character and behavior of its Sovereign Citizens, so that they may become better qualified to do constructive missionary work. Keep in mind that the jural sphere (science of law) and the moral sphere (science of conduct) are complementary like the orbit of Sirius A and Sirius B. Recall that Noah and Enoch walked with the Elohim because they were just (zodok) and found perfect (tamam) in their respective generations. The Aramaic-Hebrew word for perfect (tamam) comes from the metu neteru word ATUM (root TM), which means perfect, whole, upright, et cetera. Hence, Noah and Enoch were the new ADAM (atum) in their times and were to serve as standards of conduct for human generations to come; as Muhammed has served as the template of conduct and character for all Muslims in shaping their moral sphere (chapter of the pen, 68:4). Competence, autonomy, and relatedness are psychological needs that are essential in shoring up self-determined behavior. Collectively, competence, autonomy, and relatedness, when allowed to work in organized political communities, facilitates growth, facilitates the integration of values into shared values, facilitates fruitful social development, and facilitates personal and communal well-being or health. Empirical research has revealed that intrinsic motivation is an important quality of motivation; especially in organizations that support and encourage autonomy. Organizations that are controlling erode intrinsic motivation (self-determined motivation) and thus people in them learn less, lose the desire for taking on new challenges, and lose interest in self-discovery (i.e., knowledge of self). Autonomy is not only the catalyst for self-determination, but also autonomy is the catalyst for will power i.e. making choices and taking on personal and collective responsibilities. The power of sound right reason is guided by the ethereal mind, 9-ether, conscious and conscience gases.

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