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Default Nation building (9 x 13)

Greetings and good be to you all,

Today, I will briefly touch on the topic of nationhood. This idea is defined as the state of having status (standing or social position) as a separate and autonomous nation. Autonomy is an important concept relating to (a) motivation, (b) social development, and (c) well-being. People in any nation or society can be either extrinsically motivated or intrinsically motivated. Relatively speaking, the latter is more autonomous and entails behavior that is self-determined (internal). Whereas, the former is least autonomous and entails behavior that is nonself-determined (impersonal). The word nation comes from the Latin word “nation,” which means “birth.” In addition, a nation, from a legal or lawful paradigm, is a people who exist in the form of a united jural society. A united or organized jural society pertains to a nation with natural rights or positive rights and is recognized by positive law (i.e., the enactment of Law by proper authority). The moral sphere and the jural sphere are distinct in that the former encompasses the science of ethics (ethos), whereas the latter encompasses the science of Law (jurisprudence). Remember that the first issue at Law is Status. Another, important issue at Law is jurisdiction, which literally means “to speak law.” It has been recorded that Marcus Garvey once said that the pen is mightier than the sword, but the tongue is mightier than them both. Jurisdiction and venue or visne are distinct terms in that the former is the inherent power to resolve or decide a case, whereas the latter assigns the jurisdictional setting to hear and decide a case. Nationality means that a person(s) belongs to a nation. Furthermore, nationality determines ones political status, namely in the administration and conduct of government of which a national is charged. Nationality results either from birth or from naturalization. El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali, (Noble Drew Ali) has proclaimed that “Moors are to be among the affairs of men.” Amun Nebu Ra Akh Ptah has informed us that the hawk must risen from mental death. This is the true resurrection, the science of wbn (wu-bu-nu), the science of levity. Moreover, he instructs us via the Black Book to look through the eye of the falcon and to go out and consume the mentally dead (civiliter mortuus) as the vulture or condor to bring them back to real life i.e. IN FULL LIFE, so as to continue in both physical and civil existence. Heru lay on the Horizon (Heru-em-Akhet). So, reach out with the grip of the strongest of lions, hold on tight, and don't let go until you are vertical, proud, and confident as Heru.

In Unity, Providence, Truth, and Liberty

Pa Neter Ra (N.A.R.)
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