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Default Power in Love

Greetings grandchildren (golden ones) on oorthaa, planet Earth…

The Affirmation

Conduit opening (PTAH)

I speak to you on your planet from Latitude 65 (13 x 5), North of the Equator...

According to Physics, the conservation of energy is an empirical teaching about the preservation of energy in an isolated system over time. Furthermore, the teaching of energy conservation in an isolated system explains that energy is neither created nor is it destroyed. However, the energy in the isolated system can take on a myriad of forms. For instance, mass (matter) is a form of energy. The empirical formula that symbolically decodes mass or matter into energy is MC^2 (13 x 9). Another way of rewriting this is to transpose the mathematics to read NUWAUPU (13 x 9), which is the means to speed up the brain’s dark matter (e.g., astrocytes) and thus remapping ones consciousness over time. Like energy, LOVE is a construct that manifests in various forms over time. The construct of LOVE is patterned after the form of the pyramid, which is an object known in the MDW NTRW as MRY or MR (Mir). You see, LOVE grows from motivational conditions that preserves, conserves and promotes the well-being or happiness of a valued object such as a person, a child, husband, wife, sibling, a friend, etc. An exemplary is the honey bee. On the other hand, one may suggest that HATE is a motive that diminishes, devalues and ultimately destroys the well-being of an object(s).

I am in the Love of the All and All Love is in me.

Conduit closing (AMUN)…

In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice
Pa Neter Ra
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The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI, Temary)
By: Pa Neter Ra (Nebu Atun-Re, NAR, Matatrun)
Pa Neter Ra
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