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Partners Gatekeep Their Partners, Parents Gatekeep Their Children, Children Gatekeep Each Other, Neighbours Gatekeep Their Neighbours, Priest Gatekeep Their Believers While The MEDIA GateKeep The "Masses" !

We Are Born To Loving Parents Who Tell Us 4+5=9, Then Through Education Or More To The Point "Etited Dictation" We Are Told This 4 & 5 = 45, The So-Called Teachers Tell Us 4 And 5 Is 45, In University The Professors Who "Profess" To Know Also Tell Us This Four Accompanied By Five Aquate's To Fourty Five & Then The MEDIA Constantly Confirms That 4+5=45 Because Now Thats The 'Norm' They Blindly & Slavishly Serve & Promote To The Masses Who Believe The Same Because They Have Been Through The Same Systematic System Of BeLief !

In Those Circumstances Of Waiting Blindly To Be Told Things Is It Any Wonder That Millions Of Our People Just Cant Be Bothered To Realise With Their Real Eye The Real Lies & That The Simple Truth Beyond A Doubt & Using Sound Right Reasoning Four Plus Five Sums uP To NINE.

Now Ya'll May Be Thinking Whats The Flippin Point Eye'm Trying To Make Here Well Let Me Keep It Real Basic & Simple: As Long As People & That Includes Some Within Choose To Constantly Think In 3rd Dimensional Paterns They Will Only Conclude That There Is:
1/A Their Truth.
2/B Our Truth.
3/C The Truth.
How Flippin Limited Is That When You Could Consider Thinking OutSide The Box/Norm To Realise "Paa Hagug Izu Hagug"/The Truth Is Truth.

With All Eye'v Said Please Overstand Eye Was''nt Even Really Trying To Make A Point In The First Place & The Reason Eye Was'nt Really Trying To Make A Point In The 1st Place Is As Ah Nuwaupian Taught By The Master Teacher & His Many Works One Who Set An Example To Me By Being An Example To Me Eye Got The Point Took The Point & NOW The Point Is Taken"." ! Eye Just Wanted To Share A Thoth/Thought With Ya'll Simpy Because:
"We Are Family" & The Point Is You Were Taught So NOW You Must Teach, If You Could You Would So You Should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank Re For Wu-Nuwaupu & All That It Is.

Bamul Paa Muth
Rafur Kawul Paa Khat Ma'a Haduset Amma Zi Kalun Wagutnaa "Wagutnaa Hazdara"
Wahed A'shug WadU Wa Hotep Hau

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