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First Montel:

And Now Sly Fox:


In Perspective This Is Da Power Of Da Devil & Da Media Where In Their Arena There's No Reasoning Or Logic Involved Because They Lack Both These Qualities!

Expect To Hear & See More Of This Kind Of Thing From Them & Their Mentally Dead Negro Helpers HowEver As They Plot Scheme & Plan Their Next Moves Its Nothing Compared To What They'll Reap Upon Themselves As Da Full Power Of Da Bes Of Planners Unleashes!

They Always Gon Come Wit Da Hype & Its Only Da Gullable Gon Believe It Anyway !

We Were Taught By "Paa Neb Mustalameed" & Always Knew These Days Would Come As Their Time Has Reached Expiry Date(NOW) As Its That Very NOW Da Moment They Continue To Open Even Wider Da FloodGates Of Ignorance On To An UnQuestioning With Sound Right Reasoning Dumb Ass Deaf/Death & Blind Plantation Workin Masses!

There Is No Higher Than 9Mind As A Collective Our Very Thoths/Thoughts When Put InTo Motion Takes On Form, Shape, Weight, Color, Size & POWER As Da Demon Seed Try To Escape Their Pending
"Law Of Fate" !

Seek Right Knowledge Right Wisdom & Right Overstanding = Wu-Nuwaupu, Study Hard & Always Br Ready With Your 9Mind & Sword.(2 Edge That Is!)
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