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What and where is NU WAU BU in nature?

Pa Neter Ra (Pah Nabah NooPooH):

NU WAU BU is the science of sound right reason. The words “sound”, “right”, and “reason” are the three principles inherent in the Law of the Great Peace. Its application relies on prowess of the mind, the intellect of true humans in resolving conflict. Furthermore, the word NU WAU BU (nuwaubu) has the alpha-numeric sum 103. This value is very close to the angle of the water molecule. In the natural sciences (e.g., mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc.), the molecular geometry for water is H-O-H and the H-O-H bond angle has a distorted tetrahedral arrangement. Recall, water has memory and its molecular geometry (H-O-H bond angle) varies from 103-105 degrees. The 103-degree angle conveys the mathematical value for the word NUWAUBU; and as one changes degrees to ARC MINUTES, the result is 6180. The arc minute value echoes the golden ratio (.618). Water’s molecule formula (H-O-H) can be traced to the Tamarean concepts for eternity (H-E-H), the force of creative will (H-U-H-I, or simply HU), and TIME (N-H-H, N-E-H-E-H). In Aramaic-Hebrew, these earlier concepts rendered the tetragrammaton YHWH, which is HWHY or H-U-H-I mirrored in consciousness. The tetragrammaton is one of the attributes of the Elohim or “these beings.” According to Strong’s Concordance number 3068, the four Hebrew letters YHWH can be traced to the primitive verb “to be (HAYAH).” This primitive root is connected to a more ancient concept in Akkadian and Babylonian pantheon-ology, called E.A or AYAH (House of Water). The “H” is silent.

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