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Default Nature of Nature (Active Side of Reality)

Great Peace (Kache Langundowagen)!

What is the science of 9-6-3 in nature?

Pa Neter Ra (Pah Nabah NooPooH):

In nature, nine to the ninth power (9^9) yields the nine-digit sequence 387 420 489. This nine digit sequence is partitioned into groups of three. This procedure reflects the grouping in nateru (anagram for nature) of pre-dynastic and ancient Egipt (tamery). Each group of three above yields the three-fold sequence 9-6-3 respectively. To verify that this is correct, just add the digits and the result should yield nine (9+6+3 = 18 = 1+8 = 9). Moreover, 387 420 489 raised to the power of nine yields another estate (degree) in nature. The 78-digit sequence, also partitioned in groups of three (nature of nature), yields a digit sum of 342. The fact that the result equals nine (3+4+2 = 9) demonstrates estates (degrees) of certainty.

What are the estates (degrees) of certainty?

Pa Neter Ra (Pah Nabah NooPooH):

In Jurisprudence, estate (degree) signifies the social, civic, status, political condition, or standing of someone or a group of people in life. In al-Islam, certainty (yaqeen) comprises three estates or degrees: (a) certainty of knowledge or Right Knowledge; (b) certainty of vision. This is the 'aiyn principle otherwise known as Right Wisdom; and (c) certainty of truth or Right Over-standing. The latter and highest estate or degree of certainty (haqq-al-yaqeen) is gained through direct experience. This experience is beyond ordinary intellect (‘ilm) and observation (‘aiyn) for the object of the certainty of truth matches the one who is experiencing it. This goes back to the allegory of the bennu bird or phoenix who is cyclically regenerated by pulses of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) or what earthlings refer to as fire or light.

Are there examples of this experience in nature?

Pa Neter Ra (Pah Nabah NooPooH):

Yes. Your sun implodes and burns and radiates (liberates) its experiences in the several atmospheres of this planet in the form of solar radiations (codes/instructions). This theophanic light is in your presence and yet “he was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.” (John 1:10). So, I pose a question to contemplate using fire as a symbol of truth: How would you know what fire is if you have not been consumed by it?

What is the life and light of men?

Pa Neter Ra (Pah Nabah NooPooH):

This life and light of men is called in the words of the metu neteru (mother nature) weben or wbn or wbnw (wabanoo or wau bu nu). It simply means “rise in radiance.” Contemporarily speaking, this idea of life and light is known in the active anagram NU WAU BU (sound right reason) i.e. the shunning away of beliefs, myths, and fictions and change them with reality. In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice!

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