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Good be unto to you...

Kosmic CIRCLE 7 - Hunab Ku

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice are the principles of Moorish Science. Each word is an integral part of the whole expressing mathematics and geometry throughout space, matter, and time (SMAT). For example, the word LOVE equates to the number 54, TRUTH equates to the number 87, the word PEACE equates to the number 30, the word FREEDOM equates to the number 66, and the word JUSTICE equates to the number 87. The sum of their values equals 324. In mathematics, the value 324 has a digit sum of 9. As you know, the number nine is a very important number in many societies. The number nine deal with the nature of symmetry as shown in the multiplication table of the number 9. Furthermore, in geometrics or geometry, the value 324 is twice the value 162. This happens to be a signature for the fibonacci sequence, which illustrates the nature of the golden rectangle-square. In it, the golden spiral can be seen whirling and turning inner vision into outer realities. In the Circle 7 Koran of Moorish Science, the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice are collectively mentioned five times. So, if we take the total of each word, which is 324 and multiply it by five the result is 1620. Thus, a higher vibration is achieved via the golden spiral (1.62), which, from a kosmological dynamic, turns inner visions into outer realities (i.e., Circle 7, Lead[Pb] to Gold[Au]).

Farewell Tamareans...

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