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Default Ancient Proclamation of Nationality and Birthrights


Nationality and the Quantum Leap in Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic Solution and Strength

Nation building is a social, political, cultural, and economic calculus. Nationality is the quality that arises from the truth/fact that one belongs to a Nation. Nationality not only determines one's political Status, but also every indigenous individual has a right to a Nationality (9 x 13). For instance, Kaan (Chaan, Caan) is the political organization and Empire (Sovereign Command) West of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa). West of the demarcation of Amexem spans the Sovereign Command of Cham or Kam, Kem (Egypt of the West). The word Nationality is a trinity i.e. Nationality, National, and Nation. The words Nationality and National are adjectives, whereas the word Nation is a noun. Nationality and National are characteristics or qualities of the word Nation, which quantifies the People who are existing in an organized jural society. Hence, a Nation is the Quantification (quantum principle) or the calculus of an organized jural society in which positive law and positive rights are enacted through means of jurisprudence. The proper application of calculus, either by integration or differentiation, or both, in a jural sphere or organized political community can help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a nation of people by moving them from a sphere of limitation to a sphere of inspiration. The word Nation means birth and it is the rights at/of birth (birthrights) that are inalienable i.e. those rights that cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one person to another. This is why it is important for the so called Negro to Proclaim his/her Nationality in this new era of Aquarius, for Nationality is linked to birthright (hereditaments). In order to solve the complex problems, one must first solve the simplier ones to undo the causal chain. This is the application of Calculus in the sphere or domain of one's life. Integration is used to maximize area and volume, whereas differentiation is used to maximize surface area. In other words, integral calculus is the application of the centrifugal force (outward seeking), whereas differential calculus is the application of the centripetal force (inward seeking) that renders consciousness to that which was integrated.

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