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Default Ancient Proclamation of Nationality & Birthrights

Salaam, shalom, Hotep, Peace,

The consciousness of this planet Earth (and there are many of them throughout the great existence), is in flux. The year 2013 marks the dissolution of the old Piscean Era. The equation 9 to the 9th power of 9, the Nubian Number reveals that the 20th code is 315-T and the 13th code is 283-M. Their digit sums are 9 and 13 respectively. This is key because the arithmetic is consistent with planetary and galactic changes relative in Space, Matter, and Time (SMAT). For example, the temple of Kinich Hanaab Pakal (Sutan Pakal) was dedicated on the long count sequence, the end of the 13 Katun calendar cycle. The next higher harmonic of 13, will be be marked by the long count sequence (AD 2013). The new age is primarily about the cosmological paradigm of ancient Olmecan politics and the lowering of the office of kingship to their legitimate heirs. They are linked to them by divine creed and lineage (silsilah).

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Importance of teaching by Dr. Malachi Z. York-EL
99 Names of Allah (Elowah)
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