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Pa Neter Ra 04:50 PM

Ancient Proclamation of Nationality
Salaam, Shalom, Hotep, Peace...


Ancient Proclamation of Nationality and Birthrights
Inspired by
Pa Neter Ra (Suten Kish-Kaan)

Rise of a Fallen Noble Family Dynasty: = 9 x 13

Nationality is the quality and character that arises from the fact that a person(s) belong to a nation or state. Nationality is the quality that determines one's political status with regards to his or her allegiance to government in consideration for protection that government renders. The proclamation of one's nationality is the act of publishing, disclosing, and formally declaring one's nationality. Noble Drew Ali came as a prophet (a thought of Allah) to redeem the negroes, coloreds from their sinful ways and to warn them of the inevitable wrath that has now come to this planet Earth. Noble Drew Ali had called for all Asiatics of America to hear the truth about their nationality and birthrights and to learn of their forefathers ancient and divine creed, and to link themselves back into the fold of the family of nations; for you are not negroes, blacks, coloreds, African-American, et cetera (Circle 7, chs. 47 & 48). What is truth? Legally and lawfully, truth is (a) the confluence of thought and reality, (b) verification, and (c) consistency of thought with itself. These three components of truth are synonomous with the three tests of NUWAUPU (9 x 13) e.g. Evidence, Experience, and Reason. And from a mystical stance, the three certainties or way to the truth are, (a) knowledge of certainty (ilm al-Yaqin), (b) eye of certainty (aiyn al-Yaqin), and (c) truth of certainty (haqq al-yaqin). You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.

The proclamation of nationality was a necessary practice among the ancient noblity of the Olmec and Maya. For example, in central America, west of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa), ruled a powerful polity (political organization) known anciently as Kaan (Caan/Chaan), the Empire of the "Serpent." The uraeus on the brow of the ancient Pharoahs of Tamare symbolized their genetic lineage (silsilah) to the royalty of the Serpent Empire. Moreover, the dynasty of the Kaans was once a powerful noble/royal family that exercised Lordship (de jure) in the western hemisphere from the kingdom of Baakal (Palenque). Its acknowledged founder was known as Kuk Balaam (Bird Jaguar), who acceded to the throne circa AD 431. His descendant, Kaan Balaam (Serpent Jaguar), son of Kinich Hanaab Pakal (Shield of the Great Sun), built the Temple of the Cross, the flowering world-tree. Dedicated on (AD 692, MC 112), the hieroglyphic inscriptions on the sanctuary tablet in the temple of the Cross proclaims Kaan Balaam's divine right to rule through the lineage of his deceased father and even traces further back in space, matter, and time (SMAT) to deities of the previous creation cycle; one of whom is U-Kix-Kaan (he of the stingray spine serpent), an ancient Olmec divine king circa BC 993. In Olmec/Maya phonetics, the sound /SH/ is written as an /X/. Thus, the term KIX renders Kish, which is an affinity to the term Kush or Cush (a son of Cham), whose dominions spanned East of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa). What Kaan Balaam demonstrated in the last cycle was his ascendant nature to his Olmecan forefathers (Kush and Kaan, Caanan). In fact, the Olmec/Maya word Kaan is the root of the word Caanan, which literally means "to exercise Lordship by bending the knee." I base my interpretation from one of the meanings of the word Kaan, which can mean "Captor." I realize that the story of Caanan can be very perplexed and controversial because of varied bibilical, academia, and personal interpretations. Nevertheless, Kaan Balaam proclaimed his nationality and birthright to accede to the throne by honoring his mother and father so that rulership via descendancy and ascendancy can be longer upon the Planet Earth. However, man has relinquished his birthrights and heritage to satisfy his lower-self. So, it is time for you to rise (wu bu nu) again.

The hieroglyphs of Preclassic, Classic, and Postclassic eras share a common structure. The royal titles, for instance, are composed of three elements: two constants and the attribute of a particular kingdom or political organization (polity). For example, the royal title of the Olmec divine king U-Kish-Kaan contains the two constants U (he of) and Kish (Stingray Spine) and the polity or kingdom name Kaan (Serpent, Yellow, Captor). Therefore, the political organization that U-Kish belonged to was known as Kaan. Modernly, this effectively qualifies one's nationality and settles the first issue at law, which is Status (social position). By not honoring the creed (articles of faith) and ideas of our forefathers caused us, as a nation of people, to become enslaved. That is why the so called blacks, negroes, coloreds (artificial persons), African-Americans, et cetera have lost their nationality and birthrights. But you must be redeemed so that you can link yourselves back to the family of nations. I hold the number 9 in one hand and the number 13 in the other hand.

In Law Equality (Isonomy)
Great Peace Society of American Muurs
Empowering people, Enhancing technology, Enriching communities

Pa Neter Ra (Incarnate Son of the builder Gods)
The Great Peace Society of Royal Serpents (Amaru Chan)
The Elements, Mathematics, & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
Opener of 9 to the 9th power of 9, the Nubian Number
9 x 13 (DIVINE LOVE)

Quiet Storm
Be ever wonderful

Pa Neter Ra 11:25 PM

Ancient Proclamation of Nationality & Birthrights
Salaam, shalom, Hotep, Peace,

The consciousness of this planet Earth (and there are many of them throughout the great existence), is in flux. The year 2013 marks the dissolution of the old Piscean Era. The equation 9 to the 9th power of 9, the Nubian Number reveals that the 20th code is 315-T and the 13th code is 283-M. Their digit sums are 9 and 13 respectively. This is key because the arithmetic is consistent with planetary and galactic changes relative in Space, Matter, and Time (SMAT). For example, the temple of Kinich Hanaab Pakal (Sutan Pakal) was dedicated on the long count sequence, the end of the 13 Katun calendar cycle. The next higher harmonic of 13, will be be marked by the long count sequence (AD 2013). The new age is primarily about the cosmological paradigm of ancient Olmecan politics and the lowering of the office of kingship to their legitimate heirs. They are linked to them by divine creed and lineage (silsilah).

Pa Neter Ra
9 x 13

Importance of teaching by Dr. Malachi Z. York-EL
99 Names of Allah (Elowah)

Pa Neter Ra 04:35 PM

Ancient Proclamation of Nationality and Birthrights

Nationality and the Quantum Leap in Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic Solution and Strength

Nation building is a social, political, cultural, and economic calculus. Nationality is the quality that arises from the truth/fact that one belongs to a Nation. Nationality not only determines one's political Status, but also every indigenous individual has a right to a Nationality (9 x 13). For instance, Kaan (Chaan, Caan) is the political organization and Empire (Sovereign Command) West of the demarcation of Amexem (Africa). West of the demarcation of Amexem spans the Sovereign Command of Cham or Kam, Kem (Egypt of the West). The word Nationality is a trinity i.e. Nationality, National, and Nation. The words Nationality and National are adjectives, whereas the word Nation is a noun. Nationality and National are characteristics or qualities of the word Nation, which quantifies the People who are existing in an organized jural society. Hence, a Nation is the Quantification (quantum principle) or the calculus of an organized jural society in which positive law and positive rights are enacted through means of jurisprudence. The proper application of calculus, either by integration or differentiation, or both, in a jural sphere or organized political community can help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of a nation of people by moving them from a sphere of limitation to a sphere of inspiration. The word Nation means birth and it is the rights at/of birth (birthrights) that are inalienable i.e. those rights that cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one person to another. This is why it is important for the so called Negro to Proclaim his/her Nationality in this new era of Aquarius, for Nationality is linked to birthright (hereditaments). In order to solve the complex problems, one must first solve the simplier ones to undo the causal chain. This is the application of Calculus in the sphere or domain of one's life. Integration is used to maximize area and volume, whereas differentiation is used to maximize surface area. In other words, integral calculus is the application of the centrifugal force (outward seeking), whereas differential calculus is the application of the centripetal force (inward seeking) that renders consciousness to that which was integrated.

In Law Equality

Great Peace Society of American Muurs
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Pa Neter Ra (Dr. Arithmetic)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
13 x 9 (MC^2)

Keep on pushing
Hell on Earth
Imagination (I-Magi-Nation)

Pa Neter Ra 04:57 PM

On Course for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Salaam, Shalom, Hotep, Wulankuntewakan (Peace),


What do you mean by social, political, cultural, and economic calculus?

The word "calculus" is Moorish Latin for "a small stone used for counting." Economics, culture, and politics are social sciences. The word social comes from the Moorish Latin term socialis, which means "united." My determination about the ideas of social, political, cultural, and economics as a calculus is not new. In fact, these were put into application by Moors and Europeans of this said government to form a more perpetual and perfect union (society). Act six of the Divine Constitution and Bylaws of the Moorish Science Temple of America states in part that we must know that we are part and partial (Parcel) of this said government. The word government comes from the Moorish Latin term gubernaculum. This means that We the People (Moors) of the United States, are the helmsmen of the gubernaculum, West of the demarcation of Amexem (Egypt of the West). Each of the 50 states of the United States can be compared to an individual SHIP or sea vessel that is navigated on its course by a gubernator or helmsman. Metaphorically speaking, the helm signifies a position of leadership; however, the helmsmen (Moors) have abandoned ship by satisfying their lowerself and becoming Negroes, Colored Folks, Ethiopians, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, Blacks, et cetera. It is time to become helmsmen again and navigate our ships and sea vessels (gubernacula) back on course for the benefit of our women and children.

The terms part, partial, and parcel are ideas alluding to the branch of mathematics that provides a natural method for describing gradual change (calculus). Since, AD 1913, MC 333, the resurrection (wu bu nu) of the Negro from a state of Civiliter Mortuus to In Full Life has been a gradual and/or infinitesimal transformation. Calculus is the study of change, just as geometry is the study of shapes and algebra is the study of operations, algorithms, and their application to solving equations. Change can come rapidly or it can come slowly. Newton and Leibniz are credited for the application and creation of calculus. However, the study of change (calculus), whether small or great, was and is part of ancient indigenous social, political, cultural, economic, and scientific reckoning construct. For example, the reckoning devices or "seeing instruments" called the Long Count, Tzolkin, et cetera, of ancient central America have naturally fused the changes inherent in the social, political, cultural, and economics of life into the dimensions of Space, Matter, and Time (SMAT), as a calculus for interpolating and extrapolating changes in life and beyond the vastness of SMAT. So, Calculus is like the helm and we, as helmsmen (Moors, navigators), should navigate our sea vessels (e.g., nations, states, governments, etc) on a charted course for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The 144,000 have been given their instructions according to the Sacred Records of Atum-Re and that is to look through the eye of the falcon, seek out and consume the mentally dead (civiliter mortuus) as the condor/vulture and bring them back to real life (In Full Life). The world is waiting for us to take the helm i.e. lead again.

Wulankuntewakan (Peace)!
Pa Neter Ra (Dr. Arithmetic)
9 x 13

In Law Equality
Great Peace Society of American Muurs
Empowering people, Enhancing technology, Enriching communities

Eternal Om

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