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Pa Neter Ra 09:59 PM

People of the Clouds
Greetings and Good Fortune,

This is an inspiration from scroll 91 (13 x 7) "The Mystery Clouds Are they UFOs?"


“We The People” is a phrase that starts off the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution is a contract between parties i.e. We The People of the United States and The United States of America. Many indigenous tribes referred to themselves as simply “We the People,” “The People,” “true People,” “common People,” et cetera. In pre-Columbian era, in the Valley of Oaxaca, in the lands of the Olmecs (Tutul Shiu), lived the Zabotec, the inhabitants of Saba'a. They called themselves Be’ena’a, which means “The People.” The adepts amongst them were called Be’ena’a Za’a, “The People of the Clouds.” I recall as a child when my mother told me that my ancestors lived in the clouds. I once read in the old testament that Yahuwa comes down out of clouds (Exodus 19:9-11, 34:5) and in the Quraan, Allah came to the people in canopies of clouds (2:210). Are these references to my ancestors, the Be’ena’a Za’a (the people of the clouds) my mother told me about when I was a child? Close examination of the word “be’ena’a” reveals its affinity with the Aramaic-Hebrew word BEN (children), which comes from the feminine primitive root BANAH (builder). Moreover, the terms are cognizant of the medu neteru word Bennu (ascending one), which is connected to the verb wbn or wbnw (to rise in radiance). It appears that these terms have something to do with levitation (defying gravity) and light. The People of the Clouds, the Zabotec, spoke a tonal language (oto-manguean) in which the connotation of a word was determined by the PITCH of the voice. In other words, the tone or vibration of words carries meanings, as light carries thoughts, which are then translated into electrical signals in the brain. The book of Psalms 57 v 19 calls this tonal language the “fruit of the lips (nuwb saphah, Nubic, Nuwaubic)." Be ever watchful of those “Mystery Clouds” and listen, listen, listen my child, as my mother used to say.

Pa Neter Ra (ibn al-Banna, Son of the People)
The Elements, Mathematics, & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
13 x 9 (NUWAUPU)

Hubi, Hubi, Hubi

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