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Pa Neter Ra 12:33 PM

Man, Destiny, El Maguraj (the journey without)
Greetings and good be to you all,


Man and his Destiny to regain his Lost, but Found Estate

The four anchor signs of the Zodiac are Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus. These constellations remain anchored relative to each other in space, matter, and time (SMAT circle, Zodiac). In ancient and contemporary times, the Zodiac was and is the instrument and constitution, charter, and law of Constitutional (de jure) Governments. In ancient times, Aquarius was represented by an Angel and Scorpio was represented by an Avian. As planet Earth anchors itself back into the Age of Aquarius (phoenix), the other three anchor signs and elements automatically come into application. The elements TA (earth), MU (water), NEFU (air), SET (fire), and HU (man's destiny) of the Zodiac are the stations of the heavenly pilgrimage (El Maguraj). TA is Taurus, MU is Scorpio (the avian), Nefu is Aquarius (the angel), Set or Khet is Leo, and HU is Man and his Destiny. The axis of Leo and Aquarius is the Sphinx (Paa Rutwy). The axis of Scorpio and Taurus is An.Kal or Lamassu. Where these axes intersect is the fusion of all four elements and signs into a SPHINX (lion, man, bird, and bull). Another attribute for the Sphinx is HU, which is man and his destiny, the transformation into Neteru. Now is the time that de facto (fictions) give way to de jure (natural).

In the East, a lion with the wings of a vulture (nesher) walked until its wings were plucked and it was lifted up from the planet Earth, and rose up upon its feet like a man and a man's mind and understanding was given to it.

Daniel chapter 7 verse 4
--Calibrated by Pa Neter Ra--

Pa Neter Ra (Neterkhet Asra El)
The Elements, Mathematics, & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
Opener of Nine to the Ninth Power of Nine (The Nubian Number)
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The Revelation of the Pyramids
Mystery of chess boxing

Pa Neter Ra 06:46 PM

Man, Destiny, El Maguraj (the journey without)
Greetings and good be to you all,

The journey on the path of life is serpentine in nature and yet there is an ideal path to one’s true destiny. It is written in the Holy Tablets that human beings strayed from the original ways of the universe (e.g., Clock of the Zodiac). The way to your true destiny is universal right knowledge, right wisdom, right over-standing, and on to sound right reasoning (NUWAUBU). The potential of one’s true destiny is actualized by making choices and taking on personal responsibilities. Nuwaubu is the science of germination, growth, expansion, rebirth, resurrection, and levity. The scientific discourse of growth is called Nuwaubic, Nuwbic, which in Aramaic-Hebrew is Nuwb Saphah (an ancient Moorish language). The term nuwb (nwb) is cognizant of the Metu Neteru verb wbn or wbnw, which is the ancient science of levity, the technique used to build pyramids called MERU, from which the word LOVE (mery) comes into view. Our children must learn to Love (mery) instead of hate and in doing so they will have the means to an end to uplift fallen humanity and to teach those things that are needed to build good character and to become better Citizens; so that they can become the building blocks for a better life. This is the science of character building (mery), pyramid building (mer), and nation building (bennu).

The time zones of the supreme beings of pure green light and sub-supreme beings of impure amber light are beyond your comprehension and yet the Holy Tablets has allowed us to see (ra’ah) into their time zones. Mankind is nearsighted. The ancient ones did not need microscopes to see the microcosm and they did not need telescopes to see the macrocosm, as mankind uses today. Nor did the ancient ones need a crystal ball to gaze into the fabric of space, matter, and time (SMAT). What the ancient ones did have were books (seeing instruments) for overcoming nearsightedness and half-mindedness. However, many seeing instruments (i.e., ancient books) were burned, destroyed, and hidden in the past, so to render Melaninites, Moors, nearsighted (ignorant) in this day and time.

Know that the time has come for the supreme beings of pure green light to descend onto this planet Earth to help raise (wbn) and guide our conscious and conscience ethereally (9-Ether). The seeing instruments, that is the Holy Tablets and the Circle 7 Koran, for example, inform us that man fell and thus lost his vast estate, birthrights, and abandoned his heritage. You must now regain that which was lost and abandoned in a conflict that cannot be told in words.

Pa Neter Ra
The Elements, Mathematics, & Arithmetic (T.E.M.ARI)
13 x 9

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