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Pa Neter Ra 07:47 PM

Acoustic Resonators
Greetings Grandchildren of Erithoo (planet Earth),

The Elders are Calling...

Today, I will share with you all a revelation about the tetrahedron crop formation discovered circa A.D. 1991. In the vast reservoir of speculation and theories that surround its design and intent, the one thing that is unambiguous is that the three circular like images surrounding the tetrahedron reveal three motifs associated with NUWAUPU (i.e., 117 = 1+1+7 = 9). The three images that can be drawn from each of the three circular like motifs are: (a) Ankh, (b) Crescent, and(c) Six pointed star. They all have various meanings and applications in theology. The notion that tends to evade theologians the world over is the sense of interconnectivity of creation. For example, the tetrahedron crop formation depicts the lower half of the Orion constellation.


Furthermore, another image that I will bring to mind in this correspondence relates to the concept HUWA. From the same tetrahedron, the word HUWA can be inscribed. Allow me to explain; the ratchet spiral and the circle with the radius are templates for inscribing the word HUWA (i.e., HW or HU). The sounds of HW, HU, HOO and AUM are cooperative ambiances when in confluence (e.g., two rivers flowing together). For instance, when the word HUWA is reflected in pure consciousness the image is AWUH. When the letter M (closure point) is affixed to the end of AWUH, the result is AWUH-M (i.e., AUM). The words HW or HU and AUM, when uttered correctly, produce a similar tone that is emitted from the nasal cavity. The sound of this fundamental tone is similiar to the tone heard in the right ear of TUNED individuals.


In application, if you take a tuning fork and strike it, the tuning fork will vibrate at its natural or fundamental frequency. Now when that same tuning fork is place near another tuning fork with the same natural frequency it will vibrate in unison with the other (i.e., confluence). The pitch of a tuning fork depends on the length of its U-shaped tines. The U-shaped tines or prongs of a tuning fork is similar in application to the U that rest between the word AUM. The U stationed between AUM is opened by the A and shaped by the M.

Inscribed by Pa Neter Ra

A Humble Hunter
Receiver of The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13

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